All writings, songs, charts, inventions, etc. are considered property under the law.  Learn how to protect your valuable assets by understanding the law of intellectual property.  

We have put together a series lessons as an introduction to this interesting field of law.  The course content is free in the hopes you will learn:

What can be protected,

How to protect your creation,

When is the best time, 

Who can take the necessary steps (hint: for copyrights it is you)

When can you claim infringement and your legal mitigation,

When it is considered safe to copy something you found on the web. 

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Hoggar National Park, Assekrem, Tamanrasset, Algeria 
Here is an example of copyright law in practical use: Wikipedia foundation has a yearly worldwide contest for photographers. They select the best photo. To the left is my favorite.

Why was I able to use this photograph legally? It's because Wikipedia, with the photographers permission, released these photos under a license called the Creative Commons license. There are at least four different types of creative common licenses but this one allows use if the license number (CC BY-SA license) is shown with the picture. This website will teach you more about this type of license and other permissible usages such as fair use and public domain.

Some of the things you will learn about the law:
  • when and how you can use other people's writing like this photograph,
  • when you cannot,
  • how to protect your creative writings
  • how to sue when someone infringes on your work,
  • what rewards are you entitled to,
  • if you are accused of infringement, what are your defenses.

  • We designed these lessons for the non lawyer to outline what the law is and why.